The World around you is not what it seems.

Welcome to the Pro Agent League.  The Pro Agent League is the first cross faction E-Sports league for Ingress; dedicated to global competition for Ingress players who enjoy a competitive game of Ingress with an emphasis on sportsmanlike conduct.

What is Ingress?

Ingress is a location-based, augmented-reality mobile game developed by Niantic, the makers of Pokemon Go. Players choose one of two factions, The Enlightened seek to spread the influence of the mysterious force behind these portals.  They wish to help the Shapers infiltrate the earth believing that they will bring with them a new sense of enlightenment and knowledge. Believing the Shapers will help humanity advance they will fight the resistance in order to spread the Shaper’s influence and allow this power to influence mankind. The Resistance aims to prevent the Shaper influence on Earth.  They believe that the Shapers do not have the best intention for mankind. They resist the change that may be for the safety of what currently is.  Struggling to protect what is left of humanity they have the firm believe that they are doing what is best. The game is played by visiting real-world locations where humans gather and creativity flows (landmarks, works of art, etc) known in the games as portals. The goal is to claim these portals for your team, dominate and connect portals together.

Players meet at events around the world to battle for portals and competitive game modes requiring intelligence, stealth and stamina.

The League offers Globally organized Competitions for both factions of the
Ingress Enlightened and Resistance.    Agents choose teams they wish to work with, and enter categories they wish to compete in.


The League is looking for volunteers!

The Pro Agent League is the first global eSports League for Ingress. Founded by Veteran Agents, the League’s mission is to promote competitive and cooperative Ingress cross-faction eSports.  We’re looking for volunteers to help in a variety of capacities! We’re seeking Agents to help with: * recruitment and vetting, * to help organise competitive events, …

New! Agent Library

We’ve posted our Agent Library! – with Resources from Agents designed to help new and old alike in planning.  If you have resources that would be helpful for other Ingress Agents – you can submit them through the library.