Ingress XFac Pro Agent League



semper fidelis“


The Pro Agent League was founded by veteran Resistance and Enlightened Agents who want to see a more vibrant cross faction e-sports atmosphere.    The league offers Agents of both Resistance and Enlightened opportunities to compete against each other in organized operations.



  1. Confidentiality:  We’re looking for Pro Agents.  Agents known for leaking personal and confidential information are not eligible.
  2. Fair Play:  If you’re using tools and resources not available to the general Ingress Agent populace – it’s not fair play.
  3. Trolling:  We all appreciate fun and light hearted banter, but grumpy murder isn’t okay.  Harassment isn’t okay – don’t stalk players; if they don’t want to interact with you – leave them alone.
  4. Be a good winner, and loser.  Respect All Agents: help out and celebrate Agents where you can.




Q: What is the League’s stance on cheating?

A: Our stance is – Ingress offers many hard problems – whether it’s durable portals or otherwise – play fairly.  Don’t spoof that portal – go crowd source a helicopter or plane.  See someone cheating? Don’t call them out in public – you can report them to Niantic, or – better – work with them to find out their motivations and offer opportunities to up their game play.


Q: What about IITC?

A: (January 1 2018)  The League does not consider IITC cheating or unfair play – rather – we see it as a level playing field for Network Centric War Games  – a key element in Ingress.


Q: Why do I have to register my damage attack alerts?

A: The league uses damage attack alerts to help determine player activity, faction alignment and as a signals intelligence source of Resistance and Enlightened faction incursions.  Note: Damage attack reporting does not convey intelligence on individual Agent activities.  


Q: How do I join?

A: Join the Lobby and say introduce yourself!  We’re working hard behind the scenes to offer a variety of resources and tools for Agents to get involved and participate.  


Q: My local Area is anti-xfac – or – My team calls me a traitor for playing with the enemy!

A: We’ve seen and heard this a lot.   Unfortunately, some Ingress communities have been held back by small cliques of Agents who wish to control and dominate local Agents.  The League does not sanction this behavior as it violates the Fair Play rule.

To mitigate this negative behavior – the League would suggest moving past such organizations and to join and create more cross faction friendly groups.

XF-CC is one such organization, and there are numerous player driven communities outside of mainstream Niantic recognized communities. Many of these communities encourage more positive team building and competitive play.

Agent Pro League supports the initiatives of Agents who aim to keep Ingress fair, and balanced.

Q:  This sounds AWESOME!  How can I help?

A: We have lots to do and plan for, and we’re very specifically looking for Agents to help out with various roles.  Contact us!